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RR Trade: Enabling Markets for Rural Communities

What is RRTrade?

RRTrade is a market enabler. It is a system that intends to develop markets for products and services of PRRM’s partners and people’s organizations through direct and third-party marketing arrangement.


The vision of the project is a sustainable, productive and prosperous rural community of producers and entrepreneurs.


The project aims to increase the income and improve the quality of life of rural communities through the following:

  1. Facilitate marketing for its produced
  2. Generate rural employment
  3. Promote rural productivity


  1. Product Strategy. All products that will be included in the project should be enrolled and accredited in any RRTrade Centers. These products or services should be market oriented and of excellent quality. This means that the products and services addresses specific needs of target market and that it can be produced in sufficient quantities and consistency.
    A quality control mechanism and monitoring system shall be installed to ensure the quality of each product and service. It should also be clearly differentiated from similar products and services. The specifications and benefits of which should be clearly spelled out by the producers or service providers. It should also pass the standards of concerned government agencies.
  2. Pricing Strategy.  The price should reflect the true value of the product. Products and services should be competitively priced. It should not be higher than its competitors. The price structure should be standardized and at the same time allows flexibility to adjust in the market. It should be subject to an agreement between RRTrade Centers and partner producers or service providers and should be consistently applied. Volume incentives shall be given to wholesalers, distributors and regular markets.
  3. Promotion Strategy. RRTrade Centers shall organize and participate in Trade Fairs and Exhibits to promote RRTrade accredited products and services. A website shall be developed specifically for the purpose with pictures, descriptions and benefits of each product and to facilitate the ordering. There shall be product sampling to introduce the product to target markets. Fliers, brochures, posters and streamers shall also be produced and distributed to target markets.
    Target markets shall be aggressively pursued through visitations, product presentations, telephones, mails and emails.
    Critical in promotion strategy is packaging and branding. All products should be attractively packaged consistently, branded and compliant with government regulations with RRTrade logo as a seal of quality assurance. RRTrade logo should also be aggressively promoted separately.
  4. Place Strategy. It refers to both the physical structure and channels by which by market encounters and transactions takes place. It also refers to the delivery mechanism from the producers to end users through direct selling or third party marketing arrangement.
    Initially, the RRTrade Centers shall be the marketing centers as a direct marketing channel or as third-party market facilitator. It shall facilitate direct market encounters between and among producers, marketers, and end-users. RRTrade encourages direct marketing tie-ups of producers with retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Retailers, wholesalers and distributors could be a people’s organization, cooperative, consumer group, NGO, or a commercial outfit.

Support Mechanism

As market enablers, RRTrade Regional Centers shall be established in NCR as its Head Office and in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These RRTrade Centers will house and provide the following services.

  1. Product and Market Research Development
  2. Market Linkaging and Networking
  3. Product Display Center
  4. E-commerce; and
  5. Knowledge Center


A minimal service fee shall be charged to all products and services that pass though the system. RRTrade shall also charge a royalty fee for the use of RRTrade logo. The service and royalty fees shall be used to operate and sustain the RRtrade Centers.

Head Office

RRTrade HO
PRRM Building, 56 Mo. Ignacia Avenue
Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City
Tel. No. (0632) 4147826, 372-4991, loc. 55

Product List

RRTrade Products

Available Products from the areas

Area Food Products Non-Food Products and


Ifugao Coffee (Terraces Brew and Lagawe Blend), Paktiw Eco-Heritage tourism; Savings and credit services
Nueva Vizcaya Oranges, Ginger Brew Citrus and forest trees seedlings; charcoal, rattan products; briquettes; Credit services
Nueva Ecija Organic rice (regular brown and red); Rice coffee; Pastilles de leche Recycled paper (Papel Nueva Ecija); carbonized rice hull; Credit and investment services
NTI Chili Sauce (in oil and w/ garlic; vegetables Charcoal; rugs (braided and regular); Organic fertilizer
Bataan Araro, Smoked fish Doormats
Cavite Café Amadeo
Quezon Dried Fish Coconut  Seedlings
Marinduque Dried Fish Eco-tourism
Camarines Norte VCO,Pineapple, Camote, Kamoteng Kahoy, Bukayo, Coco vinegar, Robusta Coffee, Dinalian, Special Bread, Pansit Tawig Organic Fertilizer


Camarines Sur Pili nut, rice coffee, bukayo Organic fertilizer, coconut seedlings, Buhi woven cloth
Albay Pili nut, rice coffee, bukayo, dried fish Bags and slippers and other handicrafts made of abaca
Negros Oyster sauce, muscovado sugar, dried mussel
Camiguin Pastel Eco-toursim
North Cotabato Herbal tea (sambong, banaba) Shawls, Malong, accessories




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