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Refreshing Marinduque Tour

Bestowed with an enchanting and bountiful natural environment, and islands rich in exquisite coral gardens and marine life, Marinduque is undeniably a haven for nature-trippers and discriminating travelers. Its fine beaches and resorts are excellent spots for snorkeling, swimming and diving. For the more adventurous, there are uncharted hot springs, waterfalls, forests, caves and caverns waiting to be explored. Historical sites also abound in the province, and so do colourful traditions, including its most famous tourist attraction, the Moriones Festival during Lent.

This province is far enough from Manila for travelers to enjoy the old, gentle ways of rural and coastal life, and also near and affordable enough to be back to the metropolis as quickly as they wish.

A warm welcome customarily awaits every traveler to Marinduque. Experience its time-honored hospitality and join the people as they address the issues of sustainable development and the preservation of their unique culture and natural setting.

Boac River Valley, Gasan Marine Reserve, Gaspar Island and Malbog Hot Spring Tour.

Catch the telltale mine tailing spills in the Boac River Valley and share thoughts with the village folk. Interact with the people in the Gasan Community Marine Reserve, then reflect and commune with nature in the pristine white beach of Gaspar Island. Take a dip into the sulphuric hot spring of Malbog then spend an afternoon at a farm interacting with a farmers’ organization.

Bayakbayin-Poctoy Experience.

Share in the pride of a thriving farmers’ cooperative in Bayakbayin, an upland farm. From there, enjoy a panoramic vies of the Torrijos town. Go swimming, snorkelling or fishing, and experience coastal life and the Marinduqueños hospitality during your homestay with a family in the fishing village of Poctoy. Visit a local pot maker and get a chance to sit behind the pottery wheel to create your own Marinduque souvenir.

Mining-Bay-Churches-Falls Tour.

Visit an erstwhile mining pit area, and learn about the adverse effects of mining on the local marine and aquatic resources. Take a trip to Calancan Bay, interact with members of a fisherfolk federation, and plant mangrove seedlings. Visit the town center of Sta. Cruz and pay homage to history in the old churches, one of which was constructed in 1760’s. Explore Bathala Caves, a complex network of seven mostly uncharted caves, then plunge into Paadjao Falls, a series of cascading falls, in Mogpog.


Known as the land of coconut milk and honey, Marinduque offers tasty treats and sweet delicacies such as the arrowroot cookies and bibingka (rice cake), and other coconut-based food and health products. Enjoy some gourmet delights of fresh seafood, organic vegetables, and native dishes whipped with coconut milk. Bring home beautiful native hand weave bags and other handicrafts made by the expert weavers of Torrijos.

(5 days, 4 nights)

Day Activity/ies
Day 1
  • Orientation and Tour Briefing
  • Departure from Manila
  • Overnight stay at A&A Resort
Day 2 (Boac, Gasan and Buenavista)
  • “Putong” – traditional way of welcoming friends and honoured guests
  • Tour of Boac River Valley and Cathedral
  • Tour of Gasan Marine Reserve and lunch at Gaspar Island and interaction with a fisherfolk federation
  • Tour of Malbog Hot Spring in Buenavista
  • Homestay with a family in Torrijos
Day 3 (Torrijos)
  • Tour of Bayakbayin upland coconut farms and agro-forests
  • Swimming/snorkelling/fishing in Poctoy white beach
  • Pottery visit
  • Community Interaction
  • Socials/Evening with the Locals
  • Homestay with a family in Torrijos
Day 4 (Sta. Cruz and Mogpog)
  • Mangrove tree planting
  • Site visit to mine tailings (causeway)
  • Spelunking at Bathala Caves
  • Tour of Paadjao Falls
  • Overnight at A&A resort in Boac
Day 5 (Boac)
  • Departure for Manila

Minimum no. of participants: Five (5)

Package tour includes the following: Transportation (rented van and boat), Food, Accommodation (Homestay and/or Resort), Tour Guides, Socials, Mangrove seedlings, Donations to host communities and partner People’s Organizations

Tour kits and souvenir items are optional. Freebies will be given to groups with ten or more members. Tourists are requested to bring their own snorkeling gears.


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