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Cheating, Manipulation and Harassment

Cheating, Manipulation and HarassmentDuring the 2004 Presidential Elections, several groups and concerned political personalities joined efforts to gather evidence, analyze and expose the extent and magnitude of election manipulation carried out by the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) administration. These efforts resulted to the production of a 60-minute documentary entitled “Stealing the May 2004 Elections,” which compiled documented incidents of poll irregularities and made available detailed accounts and analyses of the massive and systematic GMA-led elections fraud which paved the way for GMA’s fake victory over Fernando Poe Jr. These findings were later on validated and reinforced by the “Hello Garci!” scandal.

As an offshoot of these efforts, the Citizens’ Caucus for Effective Governance (CCEG) was formed. The Caucus is a network of development non-government organizations (NGOs), policy think-tanks and citizens’ movements working towards the deepening of Philippine democracy, espcially through electoral reforms, grassroots empowerment and sustainable development. Its members include the Convergence for Community Centered Area Development (CONVERGENCE), La Liga Policy Institute (LLPI), Rural Enlightenment and Accretion in Philippine Society (REAPS), Kilusan para sa Makatarungang Lipunan at Gobyerno (KMLG) and the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM).

PRRM recently published CCEG’s report of the 2007 elections based on reports from CCEG coordinators, field workers and the media. It presents the cheating, manipulation and harassment undertaken by the GMA administration in trying to ensure victory for its national (senatorial), party lists and local candidates (congressmen, mayors, etc.). The report further discusses the immediate political implications of the outcome of the recent elections as well as arenas for electoral reforms.

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