Zero Basura Olympics MOA Signing

PRRM President Isagani R. Serrano signs as a witness-signatory and Vice President of Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP) at the Zero Basura Olympics MOA signing last August 8 at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Assembly Hall in Diliman, QC.

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by Nappy R. Manegdeg

PRRM Penthouse. Friday night. 15 July 2011. People started arriving at 5 pm to join and celebrate and cap the weeklong 59th anniversary. Started in the mid-1980s after PRRM’s revival, the anniversary night aims to re-unite friends, allies, former and on-board staff for fellowship and to soak in camaraderie.

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Strengthening CBCRM in Camiguin

Known for its beautiful beaches and world-class diving sites, the island province of Camiguin’s local government and civil society have over the years become aware of the need to protect its coastal and marine resources and have taken steps to address this. Camiguin’s ecological importance is even recognized by foreign aid agencies such as NZAid which has been supporting an LGU-led coastal and marine resource conservation program beginning 2007. This program has led to the establishment of numerous marine protected areas (MPAs) in the province. And for these conservation sites to be sustainably managed, community participation must be strengthened.

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Vizcayanos Patronize Organic Food
by Josephine Quianio and Napoleon Manegdeg

Strengthening CBCRM in CamiguinBayombong, Nueva Vizcaya – Upland food growers in this landlocked province have found a growing domestic market for their organic vegetable produce. During the Farmer’s Market Day last July 30, 2011 at the provincial capitol grounds, organic produce seemed to have penetrated the high-end segment of the local market. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals, Rotarians and their friends, arrived early at the organic fair to get the best produce available. The medical practitioners among them were one in saying that organically-grown vegetables and other food items can maintain one’s health and prolong one’s life.

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RRWs Reunite, Revisit NTI

It was nothing short of a family reunion. Members and descendants of different generations came to meet and catch up. A banquet of native dishes with a lechon centerpiece matched the waving colored flags and signaled a great feast to be shared. A brief program was even held to reminisce the past and dream of the future of the clan.

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PRRM Chairperson Emeritus turns 97
by Leonard G. Reyes

PRRM’s Chairperson Emeritus Helena Benitez turned 97 on June 27. “Tita Helen”, as she is fondly called by friends and admirers, is a pioneer in public service and has earned her the moniker “First Filipina”.

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Sen. Wigberto Tañada’s statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision on the 20% SMC Shares

It was unanimously decided in our meeting yesterday that we will be filing a 2nd Motion for Reconsideration with the Supreme Court.

We strongly believe the Supreme Court again has committed a most serious error that will result in a gross miscarriage of justice to the millions of coconut farmers, as well as to the Coconut Industry.

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Constructs Refurbished
Text By : Leah Marie Sernal
Photos By : Leonard G. Reyes

One student is bound to learn theories and principles inside the thick, air-conditioned, and isolated classroom. He or she is yet to see the pragmatics of it only through illustrations and visuals presented by the academe. And being that student, I came out to take another step of learning having that principles and theories at hand.

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“The country is sufficient in rice,” a crop science professor asserts
by Napoleon Manegdeg

“Importing rice to ensure food source for the Filipinos is not the correct response to the rice crisis. There is no rice crisis to talk about.” This was the gist of a discussion paper presented by Teodoro C. Mendoza, a professor of crop science at UPLB during the Food Security Policy Forum Series organized by the PRRM as part of its 59th anniversary celebration.

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Coalition Unites Negros Civil Society, Renews Call for Social Change

Comprising a wide range of local civil society groups including non-government and people’s organizations, social movements, progressive political formations and concerned citizens, the founding general assembly and launching of the Negros Coalition for Social Change (NCSC) was held last April 2, 2011 at the Servants of the Lord Center, San Antonio Abad Parish, Bacolod City. The NCSC calls and aims to work for authentic social reforms and transformation in Negros and the country.

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Indigenous Peoples Present Agenda and Action Plan

“Indigenous People are at the heart of the President who carried with him the IP agenda even before he became the President”, Secretary Teresita Delez, the Cabinet Oversight for the Indigenous Peoples’ Concern shares.

This is in response to the call of the 180 indigenous peoples from all over the country to President Noynoy Aquino to adopt the indigenous peoples agenda and action plan that they have affirmed during the National IP summit dubbed “Building Consensus, Claiming the Future” on March 21-23, 2011 at the SEAMEO-Innotech in Quezon City.

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Winning the Numbers, Losing the War
The Other MDG Report 2010

“The Philippines is in a worse poverty situation in 2010 than when it started on the MDGs in 2000. We are losing the war on poverty. Many would still be left behind, and their numbers are simply staggering by any count,” said Isagani Serrano, SWP convenor and editor of the citizens’ report on the MDGs.

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Guidelines for the MDG10 Shadow Report
From the Editor

It’s been 10 years now since the UN Millennium Summit of 2000 when nations signed on to the Millennium Declaration that promises to free humanity from poverty, hunger, and other forms of deprivation and to enlarge our basic freedoms. The promises were specified in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to be accomplished by 2015, using 1990 as baseline.

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Half the sky, half the power*
Isagani R. Serrano**
Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM)

In my younger years as a social activist around the 1970s I came across and got fascinated with a Chinese saying, “Women own half the sky.” What that meant to me was that men can only make half of what could possibly happen.

Four decades have gone by since then. Today we see a world still very much dominated by men. It’s a world that counts more than a billion poor and hungry—majority of them women—caught up in the cross fires of wars and civil conflicts in different places and subjected to various forms of discrimination, social exclusion, political oppression.

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May 10 automated election has 25% probability of success as of March 8
By Roberto Versola, Secretary General of Halalang Marangal

We at Halalang Marangal sat down to discuss the ad and realized that all the information contained there, analyzed carefully and taken together, actually meant that as of March 8, the AES probability of success had become unacceptably low. We even tried to be generous in our assessment, and gave the company some benefit of the doubt (where it was possible to do so!), but the numbers still led to a low probability of success.

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