Homeward Bound to NTI

Homeward Bound to NTIThe celebration did not end in the PRRM headquarters. On July 14, pre-’86 alumni headed on to the PRRM National Training Institute or NTI (also known as Nieves Center among the older alumni) in Nieves, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija to meet former colleagues and old friends, take a nostalgic tour around the institute, be updated on the sustainable agricultural projects in NTI and see windows of opportunities to take part in the recently launched ‘Project NTI’. Project NTI is aimed at reconstructing/renovating some of the cottages and dormitories.

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Urban Agriculture Project Launching

Urban Agriculture Project LaunchingThrough the initiatives of Mr. Roberto Verzola, PRRM adviser on sustainable technologies, and Mr. Joselito Gonzales, PRRM movement building coordinator, the PRRM National Office Urban Agriculture Project was launched on July 18 at the PRRM national headquarters.

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Conversation on Good Governance

Conversation on Good GovernanceThe PRRM’s Advocacy and Development Cooperation Office (ADCO), in partnership with the Conrado Benitez Institute for Sustainability (CBIS), held a Conversation on Good Governance entitled “Making Sustainable Development a Reality”. Eighty one (81) elected local government officials who share PRRM’s vision of sustainable development attended the affair.

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PRRM Sportsfest 2007

PRRM Sportsfest 2007To jumpstart the celebration was the opening of the 2007 PRRM Sportsfest on July 10. The battle of the Blue and Red teams, composed of PRRM staff, alumni and friends, ran until the 13th. Games included badminton, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess and billiards. The Blue Team was the overall champion.

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Community and Habitat No. 13: Community resilience needs a change in mindset Community and Habitat No. 13: Community resilience needs a change in mindset
Community resilience needs a change in mindset
THIS ISSUE OF PRRM’S COMMUNITY & HABITAT JOURNAL IS focused on the intertwined issues of climate change, energy and food.

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