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PRRM partners with GK

Setting-up an ecological solid waste management system in GK Culiat

Since mid-2009, PRRM has been helping a Gawad Kalinga village in Culiat, Quezon City set up an ecological solid waste management (ESWM) system in the community. PRRM provided several trainings in partnership with GK-Green Kalinga on ESWM and will continue to monitor its implementation this year.

Establishing an organic farm and setting-up an ESWM in GK Encanto

Following PRRM’s partnership with GK-Green Kalinga in GK Culiat, PRRM is again going to work with GK, along with other like-minded individuals and organizations, in the GK Enchanted Farms in Brgy. Encanto, Angat, Bulacan. PRRM will help GK Encanto residents set up an ecowaste management system in their community, and will provide technical assistance in establishing organic demo farms in the GK Enchanted Farms.

Sitting atop a 14-hectare property along the Pandi-Angat national road, GK Encanto will be transformed into GK Enchanted Farms, envisioned to offer the following features:  (1) Organic Demo Farms that will showcase advance technology in essential oil extraction, organic fertilizer production, aquaculture and other agri-technology; (2) Retirement Farm Lots that will provide opportunity to those who would want to live closely with a GK community and engage in activities such as leisure farming and social enterprises; and (3) Eco-Tourism Commercial areas that will create a vibrant economy in their community and provide gainful employment for their residents.


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