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PRRM joins campaign for Ang Tipo Kong Chief Justice

By Patrick Adams San Juan
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Running priest Fr. Robert Reyes lights a candle in front of the Supreme Court compound in Manila, hoping and praying for a corrupt-free judiciary.

Recognizing that high moral standards of public officials and unquestionable integrity of government institutions are necessary for good governance and sustainable development, PRRM has joined a campaign that seeks to magnify these requirements and bring them to the forefront of citizen’s discussions on the ongoing impeachment trial of the country’s Chief Justice.

Public officials must not only be competent, but also morally upright. This is the demand of the Ang Tipo Kong Chief Justice Movement which is an alliance of citizen-leaders, legal luminaries, civil society organizations, faith-based groups, labor groups, student organizations and the academe. The Movement is aimed at generating an active citizenry not only in witnessing the developments in the impeachment trial, but also in participating in the discussions and in the Movement’s call for what embodies a proper Chief Justice. It asks the people to focus on extracting the truth that may be blurred by all the “drama” that is unfolding, rather than on the technicalities and legal maneuverings, in the proceedings.  Ang Tipo Kong Chief Justice Movement also hopes that the Filipino people will become more conscious that the lofty requirements for public servants are non-negotiable, especially for high-ranking positions such as Chief Justice.

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The writer waves the PRRM banner near the Senate compound.

The campaign will organize various events and activities to increase the awareness and participation of the general public, such as motorcades, media appearances, internet and social media, freedom walls, and student forums, among others. After a public launch on February 7, the campaign kicked off with a fun run/marathon led by “the running priest” Fr. Robert Reyes, coinciding with the February 14 Valentine’s Day celebrations, and making the campaign slogan Ang Tipo Kong Chief Justice ideal. The runners began their journey at Kalaw Avenue, and proceeded to the Supreme Court where a brief program and candlelit prayer was held, before going to the Senate where Fr. Reyes offered heart-shaped “Tipo Kong Chief Justice…” demands to the Senator-Judges of the impeachment trial. PRRM supported the activity with the La Liga Policy Institute, PALEA, and student groups from UP Manila and De La Salle University.


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