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Organic Indulgence

By Andee Javier

The term “organic” has fast become a buzzword in the country’s public and private sectors, especially since the launching of the Go Organic! Movement, of which PRRM is a member, in 2008. From being a mere product of either luxury or lack of choice, organic has grown to be an urgent need or requirement and a promising investment as witnessed by the guests and participants of the “Organic 101: Experiencing the Organic Way of Life”, a whole-day event organized by the La Liga Policy Institute and the PRRM.

On May 8, 2009, more than a hundred individuals, either craving for all things organic or simply wondering what the buzz was all about, came to the PRRM National Headquarters in Quezon City and spent the day the organic way.

The event lined up several sharing and lecture sessions rooted in the advocacy for earth-friendly production and preparation of food and other products, and for traditional healing and wellness. Practitioners and staunch advocates themselves shared with the participants their knowledge on the principles of organic food production, and of natural healing, and on how to apply these in their everyday lives.

To add flavor to the event was the RR Cafe, which offered different brews of organic coffee and a variety of delicacies, and Doc Susan’s Kitchen Clinic, which served deliciously healthy food for the guests and participants to enjoy.

The rooftop garden, which is tended by some of the PRRM staff, was also opened to those curious about how to set up and manage an organic urban garden. In the garden grow various organic herbs, vegetables, and fruit- and flower-bearing plants that generously provide for some culinary and medicinal needs of the staff.

Acupuncture therapy and massage services were also made available to those who wanted to relax and recharge after a day’s work. There were also stores/booths, which sold organic products and produce ranging from fruits and vegetables to beauty and wellness products.

To cap off the day was a dinner and launching of Likas Kayang Pagsasaka, authored by a team from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, headed by Dr. Oscar Zamora. The book served as the primary resource material for the season-long trainings conducted under the Organic FIELDS Support Program (OFSP) Phase 1.

One day was surely not enough to discover and rediscover all the hows and whys of the organic way of living. But still, it was a good day and a good way to start and celebrate not just a few good and organic things in life.

  • Very informative article.

    This is kind of off-topic, but what is your favorite soil conditioning fertilizer? I’ve tried Pro-Gro on my vegetable garden, but I don’t like the results. Anyone have suggestions?


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