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60th Anniversary Celebration at the PRRM Nieves Center

PRRM’s 60th anniversary celebration became symbolic and historic this July when it was commemorated at the Nieves Center in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija. More popularly known as the NTI, or National Training Institute, the Nieves Center served as PRRM’s headquarters in the 50s and 60s where rural reconstruction workers (RRWs) trained in rural development technologies. In the 80s to the 2000s, the Nieves Center provided the learning and conference facilities for the education and training of staff, partner people’s organizations, government agencies and non-government and private institutions.

Last July 9, RRWs, PRRM officers, staff, partners and guests trooped to the Nieves Center and, together with former NTI staff and Nieves barangay officials, held a pre-anniversary celebration. The event included the photo exhibit, “The PRRM Story in Text and Images”, alongside an array of black and white photos of PRRM people and events from the 50s to the 70s.

60th Anniversary Celebration at the PRRM Nieves Center

PRRM Sundial at Nieves Center

60th@nti 09jul2012 - mpp welcome

Vice President Marlon Palomo delivering his welcome message.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - bet

An inspirational message from Chairman Wigberto E. Tañada

60th@nti 09jul2012 - irs

PRRM President Isagani Serrano


Mr. Noni Cristobal, President of PRRM Nueva Ecija Chapter

60th@nti 09jul2012 - pete alejandrino

Mr. Pete Alejandro, former Rural Reconstruction Worker

60th@nti 09jul2012 - dar r03

A representative of the Department of Agrarian

PRRM Vice President Marlon Palomo welcomed the guests, former RRWs and staff, retelling why the Nieves Center is a landmark in PRRM’s history. Board Chair Ka Bobby Tañada and President Isagani Serrano inspired everyone with PRRM’s past, present and future. Also sharing a peek into their years with PRRM as former RRW and officer were Ka Nonito Cristobal, PRRM Nueva Ecija Chapter President, and Mr. Pete Alejandrino, respectively. A representative from the regional office of the Department of Agrarian Reform congratulated PRRM for its continued partnership with the agency.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - rrws sing (2)

RR workers while singing the RR Credo.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - rrws sing

Former Rural Reconstruction Workers or RRWs

60th@nti 09jul2012 - tita ampy

Ms. Amparo R. Alvarez reminisce her experience as RRW

60th@nti 09jul2012 - 2nd flr sci bldg

PRRM guests and visitors while waiting for lunch.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - perla,bet

RRW Perla A.Castro while sharing her certificates to Chairman Tañada

60th@nti 09jul2012 - rrws

RRW’s with Nueva Ecija President Noni Cristobal having their group picture taken during lunch.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - lunch

RRWs sing the “RR Credo” in two versions and reminisce their early PRRM years through the black and white photos. Together with guests, staff and officers, they partake of the snacks and lunch at the second floor of the Science Building and swap stories, old documents and memories.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - former nti staff

Former NTI staff.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - irs,rrws,admin bldg

President Isagani Serrano with RRW’s at the NTI Admin Building.

60th@nti 09jul2012 - pastor,rrws


60th@nti 09jul2012 - lib

RRW’s, Board of Trustees and Staff pose at the NTI Sandial.

By the afternoon, everyone roamed around the Science Building and the old library structure, posing for photos and sharing a cornucopia of lessons and memorable anecdotes from their PRRM days, before boarding the bus for the trip back home to Manila.



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