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Isagani R. Serrano

Isagani R. Serrano

PRRM President

President, Earth Day Network Philippines
Co-Convenor, Social Watch Philippines,
Board Member, CREST (Center for Renewable Electricity Strategies)
Council Member, Sustainable Development Solutions Network –Philippines (SDSN-PH)

Co-founder: Go Organic! Philippines and La Liga Policy Institute; Social Watch Philippines and Global Call to Action Against Poverty-Philippines; Earth Day Network Philippines, Philippine Network on Climate Change, Aksyon Klima, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, Philippine Greens, Freedom from Debt Coalition, NGO Forum on the ADB, Conference Against Poverty, Green Forum Philippines, Congress for a People’s Agrarian Reform, National Coordinating Council on the Local Government Code, Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, among others.

Authored Pay Now, Not Later: Essays on environment and development, PRRM,1994; Civil Society in the Asia-Pacific, CIVICUS, 1994 and many articles on sustainable development. Other papers written for CIVICUS: ‘Humanity In Trouble But Hopeful’ in Citizens, CIVICUS, Washington, DC, 1995; Profile: Philippines for Civic Index, CIVICUS World Assembly, Budapest 1997; ‘Coming Apart, Coming Together’ in Civil Society at the Turn of the Millennium, CIVICUS, Washington DC, 1999; ‘Cross-sectoral Collaboration for Sustainable Change’, CIVICUS World Assembly, Vancouver, 2001. His more recent papers include ‘A climate justice deal in Copenhagen?’ published by Focus on the Global South in 2008 and ‘Justice to cool the planet’ published in the global Social Watch Report 2009. Edited the 2007 (MDG mid-term) and 2010 (MDG+10) citizens’shadow reports on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Authored Social Watch Philippines’ Breaking Through To Sustainability (UN Millennium Campaign, Commonwealth Foundation 2012).

Participated in the cycle of UN summits in the 1990s: Earth Summit in Rio (1992); Population and Development in Cairo (1994); Social Summit in Copenhagen (1995); World Food Summit in Rome (1996);

UN Habitat in Istanbul (1996); Education Summit in Hamburg (1997); Rio+10 in Johannesburg (2002) World Summit on Information Society in Geneva (2003); and in subsequent follow ups dubbed +5 and +10; in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Ninth Conference of Parties (UNFCCC COP9) in Milan (2003); the United Nations Convention on Desertification and Land Degradation Ninth Conference of Parties (UNCCD COP9) in Buenos Aires (2009). He was part of the official Philippine Delegation in some of these conferences, including UNFCCC COP15 Copenhagen. Attended other international meetings organized by UNDP, UNMC, EU, ADB, World Bank and NGOs, including the recent World Bank’s Global Partnership on Social Accountability and Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in 2015 in Washington DC. Recent UN conferences attended: Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting on Rio+20 in 2012 in Seoul; Post-2015/SDGs at UNESCAP in 2014 and 2015; and the UN Third International Conference on Financing for Development in 2015, Addis Ababa.

Gani is also an occasional poet and guitar player, community organizer, educator, weekend organic farmer. A political prisoner for seven years during martial law. Trained in education and development management, holds a Master of Science in Environment & Development Education from South Bank University-London with a distinction mark for his dissertation Learning Sustainability.


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