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A.1 Adaptation Committee

SBSTA 39 has forwarded a draft decision text [attached in this report as AC Draft decision Text] on the work of the Adaptation Committee for the consideration and adoption of the COP.

Paragraph 11 was the main battleground here as the G77/China insisted that only developed country parties are obliged, based on their historical responsibility and the Convention’s principle on CBDR, to provide adequate support for the Adaptation Committee effectively pursue its work and fulfill its mandate.

But eventually, the language from paragraph 6 of Decision 11/CP.18 was used in the draft decision.

A.2 National Adaptation Plans

A draft decision text [attached in this report as NAPs Draft Decision Text] will be forwarded by the SBI 39 to the COP for its consideration and adoption .

Our stake here is to ensure that developing country parties like the Philippines will always be included in the NAP process as inscribed in paragraphs 4 and 5.

A.3 Nairobi Work Program

Likewise, a draft decision text on the NWP [attached in this report as NWP Draft Decision Text] was forwarded by SBSTA 39 to the COP to consider and adopt.

Our concern here is the attempt by the Umbrella and Environmental Integrity Groups to introduce language related to agriculture (i.e. food security) in sectors to be considered under paragraph 5 which the G77/China was able to fend off.


The outcome so far after 6 days of probing and sniping are: [1] a co-chairs note on possible elements that was distributed on November 15, [2] a draft conclusion and a co-chair’s reflection on areas of convergence that was distributed on November 16, and [3] an agreement requesting the secretariat to come up with a negotiating text by November 18 and for parties to start negotiating on that date.

The prospects are not so bright with Australia expected to reiterate the red lines it stated during the first informal consultation.

But the G77/China remain optimistic that we can deliver the international mechanism with a platform for the further elaboration of its role and functions.


At around 2 am on November 16, a draft conclusion on agriculture [attached in this text as Agriculture Draft Conclusions] was adopted during the SBSTA Plenary.

Earlier on Saturday, there was information that some parties (i.e. Switzerland, Norway, EU, Germany) are planning to push for the reopening of the agreed draft conclusion which the G77/China then prepared to counter.

Annex 1 parties however limited their intervention in expressions of disappointment that there was not enough time for discussions.

The Philippines gave an intervention during the plenary to support the G77/China statement and thanked the chair for its guidance and sticking to the rules of procedure.


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