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Warsaw Rising 02

Warsaw Blitzkrieg

We hit the media jackpot.

And a star was born.

I was almost ready to give up on the slot reserved by Oxfam for the Philippines in the CAN opening press conference.

The delegation was quite edgy before the opening plenary.

Something must up [most of us were not aware of Yeb’s plan to announce his fast].

Nobody wants to sub for him in the press con.

Yeb asked me to go for him but I told him a senior government official is preferred because the statements to be delivered in the press con will be official statements of the delegation.

I asked him if he can make Alice go instead.

He did and Alice tried staring me down not to.

It did not work so ofF we went to the media center, Ping in tow, encouraging her to be just natural [it’s her first in the UNFCCC].

And she did well.

Alice superbly conveyed the urgency of delivering adaptation finance and establishing an international mechanism to address loss and damage during the opening press.

A flurry of media interviews followed photos of which may be seen in my Facebook account.

We’ve got 2 more requests today from a US radio-TV network and BBC radio, and an invitation to a joint press conference on adaptation finance with other regional groups of developing countries.

Loss and damage is picking up through us.

And Alice is becoming the face of adaptation in this COP.
Later in the night, I attended a mega coordination of the adaptation group where we were able to finally agree on the time slots to coordinate on NAPs, NWP, LD, adaptation in the ADP, and even the AC.

After that, it was an effort pulling myself to attend the reception dinner with all those Polish nationalists on the streets.

But I did.

And went home late, tired, but happy.


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