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Updates from the Front 11
14 June 2013

The Story Behind the Great Bend in Agriculture

Miracle in Room Reger

Two SBs ago, the mighty United States stood as the only country who refused to agree on a draft conclusion on agriculture because of its systemic allergy to CBDR.

We ended up being rule-d 12.

In Doha, the Gambian-led African mutiny blew the G77/China’s facade of a united front and everybody got splintered.

We ended up being rule-d 12.

Yesterday, against all odds with time running out and the G77/China fractured as always, we made a backbreaking bend.

Adaptation got two new words attached (read: with co-benefits).

CBDR was buried in “the principles of the convention”.

Means of implementation will have to wait a little longer.

And we were gifted with an in-session workshop in Warsaw.

The LMDC contingent congratulated each other with sad faces.

But the Africans were happy, and the AILAC elated.

That will do for the moment

Ambushed in Nairobi

We were able to open an agreed language on paragraph 9 of the draft conclusion on the Nairobui Work Program and compromised on “inter alia” in between “based on” and “taking into account”.

But the SIDS and LDCs ganged on us when we introduced the vulnerability language from Cancun during the informal drafting group on the Annex.


Smarting from the friendly fire we got from NWP, we launched “operation reciprocity” in loss and damage.

So we sat out the coordination meetings and pretended not to be there.

And almost sadistically, their arduous struggle with the English, text consolidation, and streamlining somewhat soothed our “tampo”.

So we decided to forget for a whole and launched our offensive during the bilateral talks which got Norway and the US nodding.


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