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Updates from the Front 09
12 June 2013

SBI defrocked, NWP Beatified, Agri on the Way to Sainthood


SBI 38 is dead.

Yesterday’s plenary where parties tried to arrive at a consensus failed in the face of the Russian stonewall and the SBI Chair’s indecision and partiality.

And the joke here is there are actually 4 countries forwarding supplementary annotated provisional agenda 19: the BURs plus the SBI chair whose country (Poland) actually has its own issues on hot air surplus.

Many parties are actually sympathetic to the Russian proposal considering what the experience in decision making at The Hague, Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban, and Doha.

Our delegation actually can live whether to include supplemental annotated provisional agenda 19 or not.

However, some parties within G77/China don’t want to open formal discussions on the Russian proposal as this will entail it a contact group that will open the existing rules to discussion.

An example is Article 4.2.f on the annexes where parties like Singapore and the Gulf States are likely candidates as additional Annex 1 parties.


We are moving in the agriculture front!

In yesterday’s informal discussions, the US agreed to consider a text that will be forwarded by the G77/China.

(But holy of holies, The Gambia who claims to coordinates for the LDCs naively asked if CBDR is mentioned in the convention?”).

For the next 2 days, the agriculture workstream will start considering a text hopefully towards a draft conclusion with no annexes.


We continue to hold G77/China coordination meetings on loss and damage where we are now moving into discussing proposals on the functions, modalities, and activities of the institutional arrangement.

We also held one informal informal discussion with our partners where this time, we asked them about their thoughts on the institutional arrangements.

The US is keen on distributing the functions to existing institutions under the Convention, like the Adaptation Committee and the Nairobi Work Program.

Norway and in some ways Australia seems to favor the perspective of a humanitarian response (read: relief and rehabilitation).

Ours we keep to ourselves at this point in time.

We will continue in this mode in the next 2 days.


We will tackle the annex to the draft conclusions of the Nairobi Work Program today in a marathon informal drafting group from 10 am until 1 pm.

Our concern here is a line on SIDS and LDCs was introduced behind our backs and we are keen on taking this out in favor of the language on vulnerability from Cancun.’



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