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Updates from the Front 08
11 June 2013

One Down, Two to Go


Q (Quamrol, the G77/China Coordinator from Bangladesh) literally charmed the negotiators in yesterday’s NWP informal where parties were able to reach agreement on the draft conclusions.

We give it to him, that man.

Mahusay ding dumiskarte. Mana kay Ditas.

Example: “we have been showing utmost flexibility to accommodate proposals from the US, EU, and Norway. In fact, G77/China language is gone. But as a further show of compromise, we will agree to the language”.

Pero siyempre, ‘yun naman ang gusto nating mangyari.

At mukhang obsessed si Q kay Norway.

Iba ang tamis ng ngiti niya (lasang mascuvado) at pungay ng knayang mga mata (parang nakahitit ng tatlong stick ng MJ) tuwing nakikipagtalastasan siya dito.


We continue to work in further enhancing the g77/china position on loss and damage.

Your delegation to the work stream submitted specific proposals on the functions of the institutional arrangement and confirmed proposed activities put forward by other parties.

Unfortunately, J (the G77/China Coordinator from Bolivia) is not feeling well and we have to suspend our informal discussion as he rushed out of the room to the toilet followed by a train of worried G77/China parties.

But in an utmost show of resilience, he was back for the coordination meeting at 1400.


G77/China affirmed its priority issues for agriculture during yesterday’s bilateral meeting with partners.

On the other hand, developed country parties continue to push for mitigation but have expressed their openness in discussing adaptation with co-benefits.

G77/China affirmed its position that the group will consider workshops on the condition that it be preceded by a decision text mandating such.

However, the US remains opposed to any text especially one that will refer to their red line of CBDR and historical responsibility. Other developed country parties ar on the US line but are more flexible.


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