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Updates from the Front 07
10 June 2013

A Solid Front for Agriculture

Looks like Egypt who coordinates the G77/China was able to bring in the dissenters from Bolivia and Chile.

We now have a solid position as a group in agriculture with the following priorities: [1] adaptation as the focus, [2] guidance from the principles of the convention specially CBDR, and [3] provision of the means of implementation.

The group is currently working on strategy how to engage our partners in the next informal meeting tomorrow with two options: [1] whether to present its position through a draft decision proposal which will be surely be resisted by the US who earlier said that no text will come out of this session, or [2] through the presentation of elements for future work that may guide in-session workshops in Warsaw.

The SBSTA chair also held a briefing for NGOs where he stated that there is already too much time spent on exchanging views and that parties should start working on substance, adding that there may be a workshop on agriculture in August.

On the Nairobi Work Programme, we have started working on draft conclusions and have moved significantly on that with one paragraph remaining on the activities to be undertaken between the 38th and the 39th sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies.

However, we expect tough negotiations on the annex of the draft conclusions.

On Loss and Damage, we continue to coordinate as G77/China and we continue to provide inputs into the emerging group position. We have just submitted today our thoughts on the elaboration of the function of the institutional arrangement.

SBI is still stuck in deep shit. Russia won’t budge on its position of [1] addressing agenda item 19 or [2] moving this under agenda number 17.

Likewise, G77/China don’t want the matter to be included as an agenda which will then entail a contact group and would rather have the SBI chair read the compromise language it presented and have this reflected in the report of the session.

Finally, we had a great time at Lando and Heidee’s place last night where the gastronomic terrorism at the Maritim was soothed by heaps of pansit palabok, lumpiya, grilled fish/chicken/pork, halo-halo, and a liberal supply of beer and wine.


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