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Updates from the Front 06
8 June 2013

The Whipping of the Dissenters

A stern G77/China coordinator for agriculture [Egypt] conveyed its disappointment that some parties are veering away from the group’s priority issues on adaptation, CBDR, and the mean of implementation (tech, finance, capacity building).

The coordinator particularly took note that these parties do not attend the coordination meetings and in fact left the contact group on Thursday and the informal meeting yesterday after concluding their interventions.

In other words, nagpunta lang para manggulo.

Apparently being referred to, Colombia apologized and explained that they have a small delegation and that they don’t actually have a full time negotiator etcetera, etcetera.

Chile meanwhile said that maybe, they can open the door or the window or the gate a little bit to accommodate mitigation.

The Coordinator then explained that for many parties of the group, just even mentioning mitigation in the agri negotiation is a red line and explained why, adding that he don’t want to bring the matter to plenary but will have to do so if the G77/China chair asks him, and that he can’t coordinate and speak for the group if there is no solid position to stand on.

The Philippines then reiterated that stands solidly with the group’s position and the group coordinator.

On the Nairobi Work Program

We continue to provide inputs to the G77/China text on the NWP during a marathon coordination that was followed by another marathon and informal informal yesterday.

Our aim is to strengthen the operative paragraphs by introducing specific terms like “demand-driven and targeted”, “relevant, applicable, and popularised”, and another paragraph that requests the SBI to provide support to enable the use and application of the NWP’s knowledge products.

The group will again meet today in an informal setting which might continue into an informal informal as parties are anxious to conclude negotiations in this work stream before the SBI finally rolls out.

On Loss and Damage

We are doing daily coordination meetings on LD despite the SBI paralysis.

Yesterday, we presented views and proposals that will hopefully fast track the evolution of the group’s position by reminding parties that the group in fact have an agreed position on the architecture, function, and modalities of the international mechanism on loss and damage from Doha.

We also proposed a strategy of distributing the knowledge and coordinating functions of the mechanism as reflected in paragraph 5 of the Doha decision and focus on the means of implementation as the possible work of the mechanism.


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