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Updates from the Front 03
5 June 2013

The Agri War Begins

But first, let me report that informal informals were held yesterday on the Nairobi Work Program (NWP) and Loss and Damage (LD).

In the NWP front, G77/China parties clearly stated that it is time to go beyond the information portal into actual implementation. The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) clearly illustrated the point by citing their experiences with consultants who come, do research, and go home with the results wrapped in an IPR tag.

In the LD front, G77/China pressed for a detailed accounting of the gaps that needs to be addressed.

Finally, agriculture where a funny thing happened.

We received an email from the African Group (AG) coordinator on agriculture about a bilateral supposedly arranged by the SBSTA chair.

So we went. But Egypt who is the G77/China coordinator for agriculture was not there.

(Later, Argentina narrated on how a member of the secretariat refused them entry into the room saying it was a bilateral between the AG and the EU).

Whatever is the inappropriateness of the bilateral, the message from the US from that meeting is clear: they don’t want text, they want workshops instead.

But the problem with the US proposal is that these workshops must be first mandated by a decision of parties. My personal reflection on this is the US does not want any progress on agriculture and will stall and wait for the pre-2020 ambition where land used has been put forward as an area with a huge potential for mitigation. A case in point is the text from SBSTA 36 that was scuttled with the lone dissension from the US.

Later as the darkness of the night wrestled with the remaining daylight (i.e. 10 pm), we decided to have dinner.

So we feasted on various versions of the fried duck in Bad Godesberg where midnight finally caught up with us.


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