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Sports Festival Spices Up the Celebration of PRRM@59

by May Angela Pado

As part of the 59th anniversary celebration of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), the annual sports festival opened in June 2011 with a wide participation from the PRRM family and from other organizations within the PRRM building.

PRRM, Mother Ignacia Service Cooperative (MISC) and Marstech Trading and Services International, Inc. (Marstech) jointly organized and participated in the exciting sports events namely basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, darts, and fun run.

The Amoranto Sports Complex served as the venue for the different events in basketball, volleyball, badminton and fun run while the PRRM Penthouse was the venue for the table tennis and darts competitions.

The energetic players and cheering crowds from PRRM, MISC and Marstech shared priceless experiences, fun memories and winning moments during the month-long sports festival. The sports activities allowed the participants to celebrate life through sports, to meet new friends, and to find their special spots in sports. It also became a venue to promote health and wellness.

The winners for the 2011 Sports Festival received trophies and medals during the awarding ceremonies held at the PRRM Penthouse on 21 July 2011.

To the winners, participants, cheerers and organizers…congratulations!!!

1. Basketball Champion – PRRM

2. Volleyball Champion– MISC

3. Badminton Champions:

Mixed-Doubles –Ed Francisco and Ana Lisa del Pilar (Marstech)

Women’s Doubles –Rhenalyn Sales and Janet Manegdeg (MISC)

Men’s Doubles –Ed Francisco and Dennis Baraquel (Marstech)

4. Table Tennis – Charlie Razo (PRRM)

5. Darts – Rolad Tanglao (Marstech)

6. Fun Run Champions

2-km Run Women’s Division – Mary Gardose (MISC)

2-km Run Men’s Division – Arthur Macabeo (PRRM)

100-meter Dash Women’s Division – Jesusa dela Cruz (PRRM)

400-meter Dash Men’s Division – Felix Piano (MISC)

Relay – Mary Gardose, Willy Ocasla, Rhenalyn Sales, and Felix Piano (MISC)

7. Overall Champion: MISC

Watch out and prepare for an exhilarating 2012 Sports Festival in celebration of PRRM’s 60th anniversary.

More photos at the PRRM@60 Facebook page.


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