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Wigberto E. Tañada

Wigberto E. TañadaPRRM president since January 1999. At present, chairperson of the Agrarian Justice Foundation Inc. and of the Philippine Working Group on the ASEAN Mechanism for Human Rights; member of the Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood, Integrity and Nationalism Inc. (MABINI); and lead convenor of the Fair Trade Alliance of the Philippines.

Former Senator Wigberto E. Tañada remains a key player in Philippine civil-society movements. As senator (1987-1995) and as the Congressional Representative of the 4th District of Quezon province (1995-2001), he authored and co-authored significant bills strengthening the Commission on Human Rights; democratizing control and access to fishery and aquatic resources; and supporting the cause of marginalized sectors.

Among the awards and citations he has received are: Gawad Makatao from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines; Makatao Award from the Urban Poor Solidarity; Gawad Gomburza from the Kapatirang Gomburza; Outstanding in the Field of Nationalism, for being the people’s conscience, from Senate reporters; Outstanding and Fearless Legislative Leadership Award from the Progressive Alliance of Citizens for Democracy; Outstanding in the Anti-Bases and Anti-Nuclear Struggle; Hall of Fame for Outstanding Economic Nationalist from the Nationalist Economic Protectionism Association; and Outstanding Filipino for Government and Public Service from the Philippine Jaycees Senate and the Insular Life Assurance Inc.’s Ten Outstanding Filipinos Award.

Conrado S. Navarro

Conrado S. NavarroConrado “Ding” Navarro started his involvement in Rural Reconstruction when he was invited by then International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIIRR) President, now Senator, Juan M. Flavier, to join IIRR as Assistant to the President in March 1980. He was subsequently designated, in successive order, as Director of International Training, Director of International Extension, Director of Field Operations, and Director of Field Operational Research, until he was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 1992, the position that he held until his retirement from the Institute in December 1996.

In July 1998, after a brief stint as Vice President of the Educational Capital Corporation (ECC), a subsidiary of the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE), Ding was drafted into government as Undersecretary for Field Operations and Support Services of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). In this position, he directed the nationwide implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and exercised general supervision over the 14,000-plus field personnel of the DAR. He resigned the position in February 2001 to allow the new national leadership to appoint its own senior officials in the Department.

Soon after leaving the DAR, Ding was asked by the PRRM Board of Trustees to serve as Acting President of the Movement to enable the incumbent President, Wigberto “Bobby” Tañada, to join the senatorial race during the elections of that year (2001). Ding occupied this post from March 1 to May 31, 2006. When Bobby Tañada re-assumed the presidency, he asked Ding to stay on as Senior Assistant to the President. He was subsequently designated Director for Movement Building and Field Operations, and later, as Director for Resource Development. In May 2006, he was elected to succeed Bobby Tañada as PRRM President when the latter’s term ends in May 2007. Meanwhile, the PRRM Board of Trustees created the position of Executive Director and appointed Ding to this post, as a transition post to the PRRM presidency.

Ding had also served in the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) as Vice President (1974-1980), and in several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), either as chair, president, or board member. At present, he sits as Chair of the International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI) – Asia and Pacific Chapters, and Vice Chair of the INAFI International Foundation.

Isagani R. Serrano

Isagani R. SerranoPRRM trustee and senior vice-president. Editor of PRRM’s journal Community & Habitat. Responsible for setting up PRRM’s Conrado Benitez Institute for Sustainability. Author of Pay Now, Not Later ; Civil Society in the Asia-Pacific Region ; and many articles on development, environment, governance and civil society. A social activist and political prisoner for seven years, joined PRRM in 1986, played a key role in re-visioning this movement. Occasional poet and guitarist, weekend-farmer. Holds a MSc in Environment & Development Education from South Bank University-London.

A co-convenor of Social Watch-Philippines, Philippine Greens, Earth Day Network Philippines. Among the founders of coalitions, like the Congress for a People’s Agrarian Reform, Freedom from Debt Coalition, Green Forum Philippines, Convergence for Community-Centered Area Development, Conference Against Poverty. Participant in international campaigns for social and environmental justice, especially in connection with the UN summits of the 1990s. Associated with international organizations, like CIVICUS, Social Watch, World Rainforest Movement, People-Centered Development Forum (PCD Forum), International Centre for Non-profit Law (ICNL), Transparency International, NGO Forum on the ADB.


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