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Justice and EquityJUSTICE AND EQUITY. We believe that true development is possible only when justice and equity reign in the community and in the nation as a whole. This includes a preferential bias for the poor, who have so much less of both justice and equity in their lives and should, therefore, receive as much of these as possible through our programs. This includes promoting human rights and social justice. This also includes fairness and equity in the treatment of all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, or gender. Gender-fairness, especially, should be ensured in all development programs and projects.

Unity and PeaceUNITY AND PEACE. We believe that, like justice and equity, unity and peace are indispensable elements of genuine development. We believe that, given the diversity of our cultural and religious beliefs, the differences in our social and economic stations in life, and the variances in our political views and aspirations, we should strive to achieve unity among ourselves as Filipinos, because only by uniting as one nation can we achieve true and lasting peace, which is the key to authentic development.

NationalismNATIONALISM. We believe that nationalism is an imperative of authentic development. We cannot have true development unless it promotes the common good and the national interest of our people. This means expressing a preference for things Filipino. This means having faith in our own capacity to accomplish our goals.

People’s participation and community empowerment. We believe that development, to be truly responsive to the situation and needs of the people, should not only be for the people, but should also be by the people and of the people. The people who we intend to benefit from our programs and projects should be able to actively and meaningfully participate at every stage of our development efforts. This is the essence of community empowerment.

In promoting people’s participation and community empowerment, we will continue to be inspired in our work by the Credo of Rural Reconstruction, which was composed by Dr. Yen to promote people’s participation in rural reconstruction, and apply it in the light of present-day realities and future challenges.

Volunteerism and BayanihanVOLUNTEERISM AND BAYANIHAN. We believe that every Filipino should contribute some of his or her time and talent to the development of his or her community, without promise of any compensation or reward aside from the spiritual fulfillment that one experiences when one shares of himself or herself voluntarily. Moreover, we believe in the time-honored and time-tested Filipino value of “bayanihan,” or working together voluntarily, as a crucial element in local and national development.

Caring for the EnvironmentCARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. We believe that all development must take into consideration the protection and conservation of the environment and our natural resources, so that future generations can continue to benefit from them.

Family-FocusFAMILY-FOCUS. We believe that the family is the basic unit and foundation of every community. Therefore, all development programs and projects, even those implemented with and through people’s organizations and other forms of community associations, should ultimately benefit the families within the community.

Celebrating our CultureCELEBRATING OUR CULTURE. We believe that the Filipino people have a richly diverse, vibrant, and beautiful culture. As a people, we deeply value sharing with others, generosity of spirit, and capacity for empathy. We are also highly relational, participatory, resourceful, and creative in the arts and in all spheres of human endeavor. Our traditions extol human dignity, a profound sense of justice, and passion for freedom. We have a vast heritage of indigenous knowledge and wisdom. We have a holistic attitude that can harmonize with life and heal the human spirit.


These are the values we believe in and stand for. They will guide us not only in developing and implementing our programs and projects, but also in our day-to-day work and in our relating with one another and with others.


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